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  Web Site Design My main business is site design. I have been doing this for well over thirteen years now, so I reckon that I am pretty good at it. One of my first rules is to keep it simple, not too fancy, and make sure that the information that is needed by the user is easily found.

My basic rate for web design is $50 per hour with a $50 per page minimum. For larger sites with many pages, the minimum page cost may be reduced to $25 per page, keeping the costs for larger sites more manageable.
  Web Site Maintenance Along with the basic site design, I offer a site maintenance service for sites that I create as well. If something needs to be changed, just send the changes to me and they will be taken care of. Please note that this is only available on sites that I initially had created.

Charges for Ongoing Web Maintenance* is $20 per month. If you decide to pay for a years' service in advance, I'll deduct $40 from the total.

*Maintenance is considered as fixing typos, updating page content, links, etc. while keeping the general page layout the same. If the layout is to be changed, then that is considered 'site design' and is outside the scope of 'Ongoing Web Maintenance', and will be charged accordingly.
  Web Consultation If you don't need me to build or host your site, but you still want some help in figuring out how to do this or that, I can likely help you out. Often just a critical look at a site can help to point out areas that need a bit of work to make it more user friendly.

The rate for web consultation is $50 per hour.
  Web Site Hosting I can, if required, provide basic web hosting services on my private dedicated web server. This service is for web services only, and at the moment, I have no plans to offer FTP or e-commerce. I also limit the number of sites that are hosted on my machine to keep system response at a good level.

Charges for basic web hosting with a shell account is $20 per month + bandwidth useage at a rate of $5 per GB over 2GB per month. For yearly contracts paid in advance, I'll again deduct $40 from the total (bandwidth charges may still apply).

If you are looking for a good site host, I'd recommend Rawbandwidth. Send Mike Durkin an e-mail and tell him that I sent you his way.
Following is a short list of a few of the sites that I have designed over the years. Many I am still involved in maintaining, while others are being maintained by the site owners. Several of these sites are also hosted on my server.
CCE Site Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann - Cooley-Keegan Branch - An Irish Cultural organisation, promoting Irish music, dance, art and language.
Hosted on my server and maintained by myself and a few others.
CNG Site Cruinneacad na nGaideal - The Gathering of the Gaels - Renaissance Celts, working the faire / highland game circuit in Northern California.
Hosted on my server, maintained by group members.
DeForrest Ink Site DeForrest Ink - Digital Artist, Painter, Illustrator, Calligrapher and Sculpter. DeForrest Ink can provide custom graphics for web sites, logos, business cards and more.
Hosted on my server and maintained by me.
Fox on the Town Site Fox on the Town - A traditional Irish Band, while they don't play together all that much, they are very good.
Hosted on my server, and currently is not maintained.
GMW Site GMW Associates - Electromagnets, magnetic field measurement equipment, current measurement instrumentation and other scientific stuff for the MRI & Accelerator Physics community. I think that this is the the second (and largest) site that I have created.
It's hosted by Rawbandwidth, and maintained by GMW staff.
Harvest Moon Site Harvest Moon - A private dance and music festival at the end of September.
Hosted on my server an maintained by yours truly.
MetroLab Site MetroLab - Manufacturers of magnetic field measurement instrumentation in Geneva, Switzerland. I did this one several years ago.
Hosted in Geneva and maintained by MetroLab staff.
Slowplayers Site - The first site that I created, still going strong. A network of Irish Seisiuns and information for people learning Irish traditional music.
Hosted on my server, and maintained by various people.
Sounding Board Site Sounding Board Concerts - House concerts in Cupertino, CA. Mainly Irish and Folk Music.
Hosted by Rawbandwidth, and maintained by SBConcerts.

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